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No 1: Auto Redial Apk

A simple program (dialer) to make calls to a given number automatically (auto dial). The program is designed for automated city dialing, long distance dialing, international numbers, SIP and IP. The app supports 2 (two) SIM (dual sim) cards. The application helps with scheduled calls. You may define a schedule with different options for automatic redial. You can allow or deactivate the speakerphone during a call in the application settings. (Enabled by default). You can also turn on the alarm in the settings with a sound warning on a schedule before the call begins. The appropriate permissions are needed for the application to function.

Auto Redial Apk Features

  • Once, at the time and date indicated
  • Recurring regularly or on a given weekday at a specified time
  • Recurrent calls after specified time period.

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No 2: 90s Video Effects Editor Apk

Hype up your stories with cool glitch effects, Vaporwave effects and VHS effects that are crazy. With this awesome VHS photo editor and piccollage turn your video into a surreal or vaporwave of modern digital aesthetic masterpieces. Back to 1942 and dazz century. Just turn your phone into a glitch VHS-effect vintage camcorder! This is the easiest and best app for making 3D images of the result. This 3d VHS glitch video editor software allows users to take videos and to import videos from your gallery to create 3d glitch and VHS effects. Post your masterpieces directly with friends on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter and so on. Use this pocket video editing film master, mv master & video creator to edit images, make lumafusion, fast shot, intro, outro, movies and movies and make a final cut like a pro kinemaster. To be the shiniest video star in the pocket and the perfect videoshop to edit images as a filmmaker.

90s Video Effects Editor Apk Features

  • Record esthetic and trippy videos with various powerful real-time video filters and animated text, ranging from RGB glitches, VHS cam, trippy, halloween, cartoon, ultra-light, grainy, pixelated filters to vaporwave effects. Let our power director -90s be your video editing device now.
  • Transform your text into beautiful, interactive text effect animations.
  • Create awesome text or video with animated GIF. The colorful backdrop can be overlaid with a text animation.
  • Here are the newest and trendiest layers. Retro cool film effects, trendy Polaroid filter types, esthetic VCR camcorder effects, lots of beautiful frames for editing photos and videos, common light leak lomo styles, comics, stars, retro vhs effects, magic movie styles, and so on.
  • Lots of cool, cute and various styles of dynamic memoji stickers, let you stand out from your friends!
  • Create and add the voice to your exclusive dub smash music video.

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No 3: Nocrop Photo Editor Apk

Nocrop Photo Editor: Selfie Effects & Face Filters is a popular photo editing app that allows you to resize your Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. “nocrop” pictures with just one button! You can then incorporate amazing effects such as the sketch effect and the neon-spiral effect! It is FREE 100 per cent! The best and easiest to use app to match your images to a ratio of 1:1 square! Choose from hundreds of neon filters, drawing effects, photo lines, backgrounds, stickers, dog ears, fonts, scrapbooks etc.

Nocrop Photo Editor Apk Features

  • Neon Spiral Impact-One tap only!
  • Use this unique tool presented in this application only: Neon Spiral Effect!
  • You can add a stunning neon spiral effect to your photo with just one tap.
  • No need for long delete and dull, all with the aid of artificial intelligence.
  • Advanced AI analyzes the photo and shows it in white
  • You can even use special neon effects to modify the outline vertically / horizontally, play with thickness and change the color of the sketch!
  • You can keep the original picture behind you or use another background
  • Collage builder tools are the best collage devices

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No 4: VGMSecurity Apk

It is mobile application Anti Theft Smartphone Tracker, one of the best android mobile tracker app to retrieve your mobile device lost or stolen. It has its unique features to get your app monitored. VGMSecurity will turn the volume of the ringer on and make your phone ring. If you aren’t close enough to your phone to hear the ringer, the app can also get the GPS coordinates with a connection to Google maps. Feel secure knowing that your missing phone won’t allow a hacker to access your personal information. You can clean your stolen phone, and lock it.

VGMSecurity Apk Features

  • Find phone by ringing / vibrating it
  • Find phone location using GPS
  • GPS Flare-Low-battery location alert
  • Remote locking tool
  • Wipe SD card from afar
  • Lock passcodes to prevent unauthorized changes to apps
  • Changed SIM card or telephone number notification
  • No drain on batteries
  • If the mobile tracking features are activated in real time, then the location will start updating on the user’s admin screen. These features were provided for Special Safety of Women

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Download VGMSecurity Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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