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How to Use YouTube or Facebook for uploading iTunes Videos?

Through their phones including iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple launched iTunes. It functions like Media player, Software for Phone Management and Library. To play and download audio and video media files, we can use iTunes. There is also an iTunes store for Apple devices. When we download some clip from iTunes and want others to… Read More »

How to Retrieve (Restore) Accidently Files and Folders in Windows 8?

Windows 8 provides its users with very powerful tools to unintentionally recover the file and one of them is the directory. When users want to accidentally delete any important directory or file deletes any unnecessary files or directories. Therefore, users do empty Recycle bin and it is possible to delete their data or images. So… Read More »

How to Run Programs in Compatibility Mode in Windows 8?

Windows 8 provides compatibility mode for running old edition programs. Few programs may or may not work properly and efficiently in this new operating system because they are not compatible and fit in Windows 8. If we want to run this type of program in Windows 8, we need to adjust application compatibility according to… Read More »

One Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To Your Computer

One of the worst things that might occur to you is that suddenly the computer stops functioning. You understand something is wrong, but sometimes it’s not simple to discover a cause or find a solution. On the internet you can choose from various options, and in such situations one of the best helps you can… Read More »

How a Dropbox Folder can transfer to new place?

Dropbox is the cloud service where we can use the Internet to upload, share and access files and folders via our smartphones or devices. This app allows you to transfer a Dropbox folder to a fresh place and then informs us how to access it from there. This function can be used in our systems… Read More »

How to Decide Between a Mac and a PC

For those who try to create a computer games choice. The simplest thing to deploy is not always how to choose between a Mac and a PC. Both are keen to select the best choice. Even so, the result isn’t that apparent: it’s the smallest details that will create or break your computer’s thinking. When… Read More »

How LinkedIn Premium Account Can Downgrade?

LinkedIn is a social media website that helps us connect with professionals and interact with them. It also speaks about the job-finding possibilities. LinkedIn offers two kinds of free and premium accounts. We have to pay for it in premium account. But sometimes we don’t have to have our paid account downgraded or cancelled. We… Read More »

How to use iTunes for Uploading Videos on YouTube?

YouTube is the platform we used to upload and watch our own and other videos as well. We can upload from iTunes any video. It is a media player and music library that Apple Company has introduced for its devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod etc. In this post we select and upload any iPod… Read More »

How to use Android for Accessing Location of Google Apps?

Android is the most commonly used mobile software in smartphones now a day. Android can alter the location settings for Google Apps. We now allow two location settings, one for our Android device and the other for Google Apps. When Google Maps are not working correctly, we switch on Google Apps Location Access. If Maps… Read More »

How to save money and scan your photos digitally using your phone and Google PhotoScan

It’s not just for ancient picture albums to scan pictures into digital copies. You’re often going to have to decide these days whether to purchase a costly digital version of college pictures, not to mention weddings. But when you have a photo scanner in your pocket, why spend additional cash? Google PhotoScan is an app… Read More »

How to Change Image Adjustment and Effects in Microsoft Word 2013?

Microsoft Word 2013 offers many characteristics in the document to modify added pictures. This application provides different methods to alter the picture appearance. Users can customize the picture by a variety of ways such as compress, image correction, color change, picture styles and adding a few more impacts from artistic aspects. These types of medication… Read More »