How to Create Backup of Android Phone on Google Cloud?

Android becomes popular every day between the general and company consumers of the Mobile Operating System. Android has the capacity to automatically create backup and synchronize our information and settings on Google servers. Also called cloud computing, this type of backup. If we take advantage of this function, we will login to our Google account and enable it on our Android devices. We can get it from anywhere in the world with internet connection after establishing backup of our phones.

We will be able to build backup of our Android devices on Google Cloud after reading this article. To do this, some measures that are discussed below must be followed.

Create Backup of Android On Google Cloud:

• First of all, to get to the home screen, we’ll click the “Home” button on our phone. Next click the “Menu” button and from the popup list select “System Settings.”

• The control panel “Settings” will appear, select “Privacy” from the list option.

• Select the “Backup Account” option from the Privacy Panel.

• The dialog box “Set backup account” will be displayed. Click the “Add Account” option

• The “Add a Google Account” window displays two “Existing and New” buttons
• Choose “Existing” from the ancient account and press “New” button to create a new account.

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