How LinkedIn Premium Account Can Downgrade?

LinkedIn is a social media website that helps us connect with professionals and interact with them. It also speaks about the job-finding possibilities. LinkedIn offers two kinds of free and premium accounts. We have to pay for it in premium account. But sometimes we don’t have to have our paid account downgraded or cancelled.

We will be able to cancel or downgrade the premium account after reading this article. We need to follow some measures to do this that are discussed as below.

Downgrade Premium Account:

  • Go to the LinkedIn page first and enter the username and password after clicking on the Log in button.

  • Click at the top of the page on the profile picture. Appears the drop down list. Select the option Privacy and Settings.

  • Select Downgrade or Cancel Premium Account and go to the Account Setting section.

  • There will be a dialog box. If we’re going to a page with the Downgrade Your Premium Account instructions. Click Cancel Your Premium Account and then click Continue Cancel.
  • If you are directed to the Cancel Your Premium Account page, simply click Continue Cancelation.

  • We now have to fill out the form. Complete the information required, then press the Continue button.
  • At the end we need to check for a downgrade of the premium account.

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