How A Folder can be Unshared on Dropbox?

Dropbox is a well-known online storage app. This app allows us to upload, transfer and access mobile and desktop files. Dropbox is an effective tool to use the internet to share and access folders and files from different places. While using Dropbox, we can share our files and folder with others. But if the shared folder doesn’t use properly or there may be a issue, then Dropbox offers the unshared function.

We’ll be able to unshared the folder on Dropbox after reading this article. In order to do this, we must follow certain measures mentioned below

Unshared a Folder:

. First open the Dropbox and type in your text boxes the Email Address and Password, then press the Sign in button.

. Click the left side pane sharing option.

. The sharing window of the directory will open. Choose the section we want to unshared. There will be a drop-down list. Click from the list on Shared Folder Options.

. The dialog box for the shared folder option will appear.
. Click the chosen folder’s equipment icon, select the Kick out or Unshared folder choice from the bottom of the box.

. If prompted to verify the action, check the box and then press the blue Unshare button on this folder.

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