How to Change Image Adjustment and Effects in Microsoft Word 2013?

Microsoft Word 2013 offers many characteristics in the document to modify added pictures. This application provides different methods to alter the picture appearance. Users can customize the picture by a variety of ways such as compress, image correction, color change, picture styles and adding a few more impacts from artistic aspects. These types of medication make the image of their document more attractive and professional. These options are removed in the Picture Style and Adjust sections under the Format tab.

Users will be able to create a lot of customization in pictures after reading this article. In order to do this, users must follow various measures provided below.

Change Image Adjustment:

· Open 2013 Microsoft Word containing pictures.
· Click Format tab, a ribbon appears
· Go to Adjust section and use various alternatives such as Correction, Color and Artistic Effects.

· Hit the Correction choice and the Sharper / Soft and Brightness / Contrast list will be displayed.

· Select the content that consumers want.
· Press the Color Option and drop menu to change the color.
· Select any choice that the user wants from Color Saturation, Color Tone and Recolor.

· To add various impacts on images such as sketching, strokes of paint, blurring, etc. Click the Artistic Effects option.

Change Image Effects:

· Select Picture, show the Picture Tools section.

· Click on the Format tab to display a ribbon.
· From the section Image Styles, select Image Effects.
· There will be a drop-down list. Choose any impact from the list that applies to the picture

· User selects Reflection effect, for example.

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