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Invidious is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to YouTube. This application replaces the main Youtube website, making it easier to watch original YouTube videos. It’s much lighter and more flexible than the leading site, and you’ll be able to skip all the annoying features. It’s also available in audio-only and lightweight versions. Let’s take a look at some of the features of Invidious and why we think it’s worth checking out.

View Youtube Videos Without Ads

Invidious may be the solution if you’ve wanted to watch YouTube videos without the ads. This web-based solution is an open-source project that uses a proxy connection to YouTube servers to prevent tracking. Since it is not based on the official YouTube API, Invidious can view any YouTube video without ads. Users can save their subscriptions without a Google account and use Reddit comments instead of YouTube’s.

Invidious is an open-source browser extension for Firefox that blocks ads and tracks. It also has a bookmarklet that lets you open videos in any browser without the YouTube interface. It also has customizable settings and offers a clean interface. It also works well with any web browser. You can use Invidious with any web browser. It is a fast and efficient alternative to YouTube.

Audio-only mode

Invidious is an alternative front-end for YouTube that offers audio-only viewing. Unlike YouTube, it does not use the YouTube API or Google’s trackers. Moreover, you can enjoy privacy-friendly recommendations that won’t change based on what you watch on YouTube. And, if you’re not a fan of ads, you can switch to the audio-only mode to watch videos without interruptions.

The Invidious front-end is an open-source software project that does not use the official YouTube API to play videos. Instead, it parses the video’s source code and processes user requests through its server. It is written in the Crystal programming language and uses PostgreSQL to store content. It is distributed under the AGPLv3 license. It can be used on Android and iOS devices and is available in public and closed-source versions.


If you’re tired of the YouTube experience, you might want to try Invidious. This lightweight front-end to YouTube protects your privacy from Google and won’t track your browsing habits. It’s also humanely designed to let you regain focus. It lets you subscribe to channels without a YouTube account and create playlists, enabling you to enjoy content without the burden of setting up an account. With a full-featured REST API, Invidious can be used in various languages.

While most YouTube browsers offer similar functionality, Invidious is more lightweight. Unlike the official website, Invidious parses YouTube source code instead of using its API. It processes most user requests through a server. The application is written in the Crystal programming language and uses the PostgreSQL DBMS to process user requests. It is distributed under the AGPLv3+ license.

Only show unseen videos.

You can download the Invidious software if you want to watch YouTube videos without the ads and Google tracking. Its software works by providing notifications from all the channels you have subscribed to. However, you must have a separate account with Invidious to install it. This way, you will never be tempted to click on any ads and trackers that may pop up on your screen. This software is available for both Mac and Windows.

Set default player options

Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube that does not use the official YouTube API. Instead, it parses the YouTube source code and processes most user requests through its server. Written in Crystal and PostgreSQL, Invidious is free and open-source software. This article outlines how to set the default player options in Invidious. It’s worth checking out if you’re a severe YouTube user.

Invidious isn’t the only alternative to YouTube. There are several popular YouTube clients for Android, including NewPipe, a lightweight alternative that doesn’t require the Google Play Services or YouTube-API. Opened, FreeTube and SkyTube are all excellent alternatives to Invidious. While these are mostly YouTube Clients, some may be music streaming services.

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