How to use iTunes for Uploading Videos on YouTube?

YouTube is the platform we used to upload and watch our own and other videos as well. We can upload from iTunes any video. It is a media player and music library that Apple Company has introduced for its devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod etc. In this post we select and upload any iPod video from iTunes for sharing with others on YouTube.

After reading this article, we will be able to use iTunes for uploading the video to YouTube from various Apple devices. To do this, some measures that are discussed below must be followed.

Use iTunes for Uploading YouTube Video:

Tap the iTunes iPod Screen icon. Make a right click on the video when it opens, the pup up list will appear, then hit the Get Info menu option.

We’ll login to our YouTube account afterwards.

Open our account window ; press the Upload button at the top correct corner.

Type the title, description and other video data in the Basic Info segment now.

Press the Upload Video button.

Appear the window, select the Desktop option, then press the Browse button.

Press the Ctrl+V buttons to paste the place of the video we copied, then press the Open button.

Hit the Upload Video or Open button after copying all the data.

We’ve got to wait a while. There will be a progress bar that demonstrates how much video will upload and how fast it depends on our Internet connection.

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