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The Xenoga’me team was made up of four persons, plus two great friends who assisted us as a favour, and we were all compelled to work other jobs to make ends meet. But, as a result of the difficulty of the job and a lack of financial support, our team has shrunk to the point where there are just two of us left: the Artist and the Coder.

We two tried with all the difficulties that came our way over the previous few months, and we were able to make the versions after the initial version without any assistance and present them to you, dear ones. We’ve both lost jobs and are experiencing significant financial difficulties along the way, but we’re determined to show others and the people who abandoned us that we don’t give up our passion, that we don’t want to fail, and that we want to keep going.

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About The Magical Gene Apk

The game’s plot revolves around a youngster named Tom who is abducted by a doctor at birth in a hospital and told that his son is dead by his parents. In reality, the doctor recognises that this newborn possesses a wide range of genetic powers and decides to kidnap him for further study and confine him to a hospital room. After escaping when he was 16, the boy searches for his family and wants to know who he is. Gradually, he becomes aware of his incredible skills. You will see the beginning of an intriguing plot in this version of the game. In the game’s final scenario, you’ll come across a creature that will leave you with a lot of questions.

In this game, you’re hunting for the truth. Would you like to discover where these characteristics came from and why you have them? Is there anyone else who possesses these abilities? Are these abilities inspiring you, or do you have them because you have a pure heart or another truth hidden behind the scenes? What happened to your parents? What is your name, and most importantly, who are you?

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