Most Famous Microsoft Windows 10 Secret Shortcut Keys

Everybody likes to spend their time on the PC and the computers are one of the greatest buddies in our life. Many users want to design graphics or edit videos and play top-end games on their PCs. To carry out all these operations, everyone requires to be familiar with certain Windows abilities such as carrying out fundamental system commands, such as creating fresh folders and closing programs.

Microsoft Windows 10 Shortcuts are for Everyone

If you are familiar with fundamental Windows Tips, you can readily do your job on your PC. You may be thinking about taking a coaching class for computers, but you may need to spend a lot of time in the school to learn these abilities. You shouldn’t worry anymore because here we’ve discussed the best Microsoft Windows 10 Secret Shortcut keys and you should read more to find out about the keys that can assist you to readily perform Windows 10 assignments. These keys can assist anyone open and close windows programs and work with lots of characteristics from Microsoft Windows 10. You’ll be surprised to learn that Microsoft has added Windows 10 shortcut keys to make it easier for individuals to perform daily duties such as displaying settings or displaying your desktop.

List of Microsoft Windows 10 Shortcuts

Pressing Windows button + A will Launch Action Center.

Pressing Windows button + C will Launch Cortana in Interactive Listening Mode.

Pressing Windows button + D will Show Your Desktop or Hide it.

Pressing Windows button + G will Launch Game Bar When you are playing a Game.

Pressing Windows button + H will Launch the feature called Share Charm.

Pressing Windows button + I will Launch Settings.

Pressing Windows button + K will Launch the Linked Quick Actions.

Pressing Windows button + L will Lock your PC or Switch Your Accounts.

Pressing Windows button + M will Cause the Windows to Shift to Minimum Size.

Pressing Windows button + R will Launch the Run Dialog Menu.

Pressing Windows button + S will Launch Search Bar.

Pressing Windows button + U will Launch Ease of Access Menu.

Pressing Windows button + Enter will Launch Narrator.

Pressing the Windows + Home button will cause Windows to minimize the size of all applications except for the Window Active on Desktop.

These Shortcuts Are Very Helpful

These are all the unknown Microsoft Windows 10 shortcut keys that can be used to make your Windows activities easier. These keys can enhance your speed when you work with the Microsoft Windows 10 so that you don’t have to wait for the screens or windows to appear before you can carry out your commands. These shortcut keys can be used at any time when you are running Windows therefore they can assist you when you are in your office making your daily reports or doing your projects. Make sure you try these shortcuts when you are working on your favorite applications because they can really help you by providing the necessary information that you may not be able to obtain while working on Microsoft Windows 10. Make sure that when working on your favourite apps, you try these shortcuts because they can really assist you by offering the data you may not be able to acquire while working on Microsoft Windows 10.

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