How to Retrieve (Restore) Accidently Files and Folders in Windows 8?

Windows 8 provides its users with very powerful tools to unintentionally recover the file and one of them is the directory. When users want to accidentally delete any important directory or file deletes any unnecessary files or directories. Therefore, users do empty Recycle bin and it is possible to delete their data or images. So if users want these files and directories back in the system, they must retain the history of the directory. Then all their important data will be returned to users.
We will be able to learn the setup of preserving file history after reading this article and restore files and folders in the process. To do this, we will take certain steps that are as follows
Accidentally recover the files and folders:

  • We create a file named Gaurav first and then delete it later.

  • We removed the file from the library by using Shift + Delete key and then deleted it from Recycle bin as well. Now that particular file isn’t in our system anymore.

  • Now it’s time to recover the accidentally deleted file.
  • Go to the location where the file was previously residing
  • Now go to the Choose History Home Tab.

  • Open the File History window containing all the files to be saved in the library including the deleted file. Scroll until we find the file that has been deleted.

  • To restore the text, select the file and press Blue Orb.

  • This will immediately take effect and our deleted archive will be restored at the same place from which it was deleted.

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