How to Run Programs in Compatibility Mode in Windows 8?

Windows 8 provides compatibility mode for running old edition programs. Few programs may or may not work properly and efficiently in this new operating system because they are not compatible and fit in Windows 8. If we want to run this type of program in Windows 8, we need to adjust application compatibility according to this operating system. Seeking Windows 8 functionality is an easy procedure. This type of problem arises when we use third parties or old apps and games.

We will be able to run programs in compatibility mode after reading this article. To do this, we will take some steps that are as follows.

Run Program in Compatibility Mode:

  • Pick the software and right-click it.
  • Appears the drop down menu and select Properties from the menu.

  • The dialog box for assets must close. Go to the Section of Compatibility.

  • Choice of compatibility will be shown.
  • Now run this program in compatibility mode for a check box for:

  • Choose the compatibility mode we want the software to run. Select “Windows 7” compatibility mode for Windows 8 and press “OK.”

  • Now go to our system and right-click and from the drop-down menu pick “Run as Administrator” and follow the instructions.

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