Security Tips and Tricks for Android Phones

You need to remain up-to-date with the fresh smartphone characteristics in the ever-changing globe of Android devices. For example, you may not know it, but there are plenty of security options for Android phones that can be very useful if you want to keep your mobile safe. You can keep alert about your significant data with the safety characteristics in Android devices. Additionally, if you have placed it somewhere where you can’t locate it, you can update your phone’s place. To find out more about how to keep your Android device safe, you should read this guide in Mobile Tips.

Lock and Find Your Android Phone

There’s an option in the Android phone called Find My Device, if you can’t reach it, you can use it to find your mobile phone. You can also find and click on it, and you can erase it if you want to improve the safety of your phone. Therefore, you should bring your phone backup from time to time so that when you want to erase your phone, you have all the significant data.

Here are few steps for finding your phone with Find My Device service.

You should check / Find on their website and make sure that your mobile phone is chosen. You can view a precise place from this website where your phone is kept. You can lock or click your phone on it as well. You can erase your smartphone if you want to maintain your data safe. It will ring for seven minutes when you ring your phone, even if its sound is set in silence mode.

This service Google Find My Phone can discover your phone rapidly when you need it.

Allow People to View Only One Selected App When Your Phone is Locked for Improving Security

If you want to keep your other apps secure when sharing a specific app on your phone, this option is useful. Please follow the guidelines for using this option.

• The top menu of the phone that scrolls down when pushed down should be launched. Then pick the icon on the top correct side of the screen for settings.
• You should pick “Personal” and “Security” from the Settings menu.
• Enable this option after selecting “Security” to look at the bottom of the screen to discover the “Screen Pinning” option.
• Select the square recents button mostly at the bottom left of the screen and open the app you want to put on the closed screen.
• Select the pin icon after pressing the square recents button. Your app is put on the screen of the lock. Press the recents button with the back button simultaneously to return the lock screen to its prior state, the app will go back to the background.
• In some Android phones, in the “Lock Screen and Security” menu, the “Other Security Settings” option is situated and the “Pin Windows” option is selected.

You can readily secure your Android phone with these tips and maintain up to date on where your mobile phone is located, or you can decide who can use your lock screen applications.

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