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Solid 5 Best Apps December 26

No 1: Tile Shortcuts Apk

Quickly open your favorite apps, shortcuts and websites at any time from anywhere, directly from your shade of notification! In the quick settings tab, other applications do not use the same app icon. Alternatively, they substitute a letter or a generic picture for the app icon. This app uses the same settings tile app icon, making it easier for you to recognise the applications and shortcuts you want to open.

Tile Shortcuts Apk Features

  • Use the actual icon version for the notification shade
  • Choose an Icon Pack icon
  • Creating a tile in the app (remember the newly created tile name number)
  • Open your Panel of Fast Settings and press Edit
  • Move the tile you’ve just created (with the corresponding number) to the active section of your quick setup panel
  • If the tiles are not displayed in your quick settings panel, this is because the functionality has not been included in your device manufacturer. This isn’t an app problem.
  • Tiles created in this app can be used in Bottom Fast Settings and MIUI-ify to create custom shortcut icons

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No 2: Join Active Groups Apk

15000 + Enter educational, jobs, technology, cricket, entertainment and other social media groups. Build communities and join them. It’s free and easy. Having active groups is the most active forum. You will join thousands of Shopping, Education, Work, Techs, Cricket, Sports and other social media groups with this app to explore the area of your interest and take advantage of others. Groups are sorted by category in this application, so it is simple for everyone to find a suitable group according to their interest.

Join Active Groups Apk Features

  • Groups free to join
  • Join communities and open ways to raise more
  • Improve your skills and be more professional in the fields online
  • Browse Discount Filter Offers
  • Save best deals and offers
  • Free and easy to use promotional codes
  • You can find the best social group ties in this app
  • Development groups for joining

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No 3: RedFlix Apk

RedFlix TV is an application to stream hundreds of movies and shows for free on your Phone, as well as live broadcasts of certain television events. Nowadays, viewing online audiovisual contents such as movies and series, as well as television running under the IPTV protocol, is as simple as ever. They can do that through paying channels like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or any other telecommunications provider, but there are ways to do that for free as well. One of those free apps is RedFlix TV.

RedFlix Apk Features

  • Films.
  • All seasons and episodes of complete TV series.
  • Live sports events online television, primarily from India.
  • Products that are organized into groups.
  • Possibility of accessing the country-organized catalog.

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No 4: Call Free Apk

Call Global-free wifi or cellular data calling software. Call Global app will allow you to get in contact with all your global mates, mobile & landline, even if they don’t have access to the network. Install to receive 2,000 credits, call now. Ask for 5000 points. No contract, no hidden fees, better than any cheap app from around the world. Call Global Calling software is a VOIP phone call app, G.729 G.711 service, and so on, making international calls from global countries free of charge.

Call Free Apk Features

  • Free Calling allows you to make international calls across the globe to a global country, even if the recipient does not have an Internet connection.
  • Call away and make high-quality, crystal-clear voice-quality phone calls, just like making landline phone calls!
  • You have a lot of options to gain credit, the easiest of which is just one press. Use some funny tasks to earn more points.

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No 5: Temp Mail Apk

You can instantly create disposable temporary email addresses using the Temp-Mail app and receive emails automatically, including photographs or any other attachments. Forget to let everyone know your real name. This triggers constant spam, mailing ads, hacking emails, and attempts at phishing. Keep clean and safe your actual inbox. Temp Mail provides a 10-minute mail-style temporary, anonymous, free, disposable email address. This software is an advanced service version also known as 10minute mail, disposable mail, fake email, guerrillamail, fax, getairmail, mohmal mail, throwawaymail, tempail, tempail, anonymous mail, spambox, tmail, burnermail, trashmail, 20minute email, and more. But much more robust and with an option to unlock unique premium features.

Temp Mail Apk Features

  • Cover from the spam
  • Generate temporary emails that are disposable
  • Do not allow spam in your personal inbox to protect your privacy and anonymity
  • Receive multiple or single attachments that you can access from your inbox
  • Instantly create a new email address
  • Automatically receive e-mails and attachments
  • Read incoming e-mails, including links
  • Download sources (EML) with attachments
  • Rapid elimination and/or generation of new email addresses

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