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Top 5 Apps Under 1mb

No 1: Hinglish Dictionary Apk

This is the First Hinglish dictionary in the OFFLINE mode with 50k local words & Hindi in English. This simple and free app gives definitions and synonyms, with the largest collection of all local Hindi terms used in everyday life. It is a dictionary that has Hinglish to English and English to hinglish word search feature in offline mode.Hindi dictionary, Hindi to English dictionary, and Hindi dictionary The uniqueness of this app is 50k words in less than one mb. This app has a special feature to build your own list of favourites.

Hinglish Dictionary Apk Features

  • Check English to Support
  • Collection favourite
  • Build your recent search histories
  • Has the words 50k
  • In OFFLINE mode all terms are

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No 2: Number Words Writer Apk

This app allows you to convert numbers up to 75 digits into their word form, and can convert decimals. It allows you to change the format to decimal and share or copy the output. The performance is capitalized by an environment. When writing numbers on bank checks, the app might be useful. Get the full version to record your history of numbering and choose between a light and a dark theme.

Number Words Writer Apk Features

  • Offline
  • Lightweight
  • Input Methods
  • Descriptor
  • Multi-Window Support

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No 3: Apk Extractor App

APK Extractor is a useful tool for removing any APK from all the apps you’ve installed on your computer, using just a few simple steps. The method is very simple: just open the gui to access the list of apps you’ve installed on the memory of your mobile device, or on a micro SD, and keep your finger pressed on the app from which you want to remove the APK from. Once you have done this, you have two options: either you can directly extract the link to copy it wherever you want, or you can submit or share it directly from APK Extractor. This allows you to share with your friends the resources you use, so they can access them directly via the connection.

Apk Extractor App Features

  • Quick and easy to operate.
  • Removes almost all software, including device apps.
  • No access provided by ROOT.
  • Save Apk’s by default in /sdcard / ExtractedApks/.
  • Search tool offered when searching applications.
  • Compatible with latest Android 7.0 update

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No 4: Play Lite Apk

An fast, simple and lightweight video player for quick playback in Full Screen or Floating window mode of any YouTube video. Simply access the built-in YouTube site, click to pick a video to watch and view it in full screen instantly, or a tiny movable window that floats above other devices. The minimized playback of the floating window mode is time limited to 3 minutes but you can easily unlock it with a one-time update for unlimited play. The player is ultra-light (just 0.2 MB) and needs no system permissions. It is ad-free (no advertising) except for any advertisements shown as part of the video on YouTube. It also supports playlists on YouTube.

Play Lite is not intended as a complete replacement or alternative to the current Google YouTube app, although it may work independently. If you don’t want to go into the video information and feedback, it just offers a simpler way to play the videos. It does however provide some additional functionality over the usual YouTube app, such as float play and loop play. It is not tolerant of screen off background play. Alternatively, use the minimized floating window option to multi-task when listening to music or podcasts. YouTube contains all the links, and the software has no content of its own. If you have problems playing a video, or need more video information, switch easily to the official YouTube app

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No 5: Analog Clock Apk

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 is just what its name suggests: a live wallpaper depicting an analog clock on your Android computer. You can change the color in the settings, and also choose whether to show the current day of the month. If your computer is in vertical or horizontal mode the clock still looks good. Analog Live Clock Wallpaper-7 is a great live wallpaper. It will particularly please those who still prefer analog clocks to digital ones. The many configuration options ensure that it fits perfectly with the design of your computer, whatever it may be.

Analog Clock Apk Features

  • Double tap time to speak, and occasionally
  • Align live wallpaper on the home screen
  • Type of gradient or solid colour
  • Display actual date, month, weekday, battery charging. Move a slot to desired location
  • Hold Phone screen on.

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