How a Dropbox Folder can transfer to new place?

By | October 1, 2019

Dropbox is the cloud service where we can use the Internet to upload, share and access files and folders via our smartphones or devices. This app allows you to transfer a Dropbox folder to a fresh place and then informs us how to access it from there. This function can be used in our systems operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

We will be able to move the file to any new place after reading this article. To do this, we must follow certain measures that are as follows

Transfer Folder to New Place:

  • First go to the Dropbox icon and then press the one on the Taskbar System Tray.

  • A pop-up menu will appear, hit the Preferences option.

  • The dialog box for Dropbox Preferences will open. Choose the tab Advance.

  • Advance Settings options will appear in the box and hit the Move button afterwards.

  • Another folder browser will be shown in Window.
  • Choose where we want the folder to be transferred and then press the OK button in both dialog boxes.

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