Two children killed in pre-school group in the west of Japan after car rams

TOKYO–A quick car rammed into a group of kindergarten kids in the Shiga region of western Japan on Wednesday, killing a two-year-old boy and girl.

The accident took place in Otsu, the Shiga Prefecture’s capital, where the children had a walk on the pavement as the car smashed into them.

After the accident, about 13 children and two tutors were hospitalized while four children in critical condition were reported.

Before the collision, the little car hit another vehicle. Police have arrested both female drivers, who have been reported to be women aged 52 and 62.

Japanese nursery schools regularly take children on short excursions during the day to the local park for playtime or out.

Japan has seen a rise in elderly drivers ‘ fatal accidents. Most of the accidents caused by elderly drivers resulted in them mixing the accelerator and the brake or losing the steering wheel control.

The driver also claimed in this accident that the crash was caused by a car fault.

An investigation is underway into the reasons for the accident.