U.S. software to improve the livestock sector in Pakistan

LAHORE–The US-Pakistan Agricultural Market Development Partnership (AMD) has announced the launch of a new software package to expand access to global markets for Pakistani meat exporters.

A statement said on Thursday, the state-of – the-art software would track the origins of animals and where meat was processed to help prevent the spread of animal diseases and improve biosecurity.

The new software package would also help farmers formulate cost-effective feed rations with an optimal nutrient mix that would reduce production costs.

“This software will provide a huge advantage to Pakistani meat exporters in accessing new global markets,” said Leslie-Ann Nwokora, Director of USAID Pakistan’s Acquisition and Assistance Office.

“Buyers will be able to trace the origin, processing and distribution of meat, while feed formulation and ration balancing software will help farmers reduce costs and provide a balanced diet for animals to keep them healthy,” added Nwokora.

This is the first time that Pakistan uses such a software package. The USAID-funded AMD project provides integrated support to the livestock sector through grants, training, and technical assistance to upgrade equipment, introduce innovative meat cutting and packaging technology, and support Pakistani producers and exporters in meeting international food standards.

“USAID supports equipment upgrades and other initiatives through projects such as AMD to improve product quality, boost exports, streamline supply chains, and boost the competitiveness and profitability of Pakistani exporters,” said USAID Provincial Director for Punjab Kevin Sharp.

USAID launched the AMD project in 2015 to enhance Pakistan’s commercial agriculture and livestock sector’s ability to compete on meat, high-value and off-season vegetables, mangoes and citrus on international and national markets.

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