How to use Android for Accessing Location of Google Apps?

Android is the most commonly used mobile software in smartphones now a day. Android can alter the location settings for Google Apps. We now allow two location settings, one for our Android device and the other for Google Apps. When Google Maps are not working correctly, we switch on Google Apps Location Access. If Maps is not enabled, it will display an error and allow Google Apps Location access.

We will be able to use our Android device to access Google Apps place after reading this article. To do this, we must take some measures that are as follows.

Use Android for Accessing Location of Google Apps:

• First touch the Settings icon on our Home Screen Android phone. Open the settings page.

• Tap the Settings pane account tab.
• My list of accounts appears. From My Accounts list, select Google.

• Google Settings will appear on the next page. Touch Location Settings option.

• Now we’re going to see the Google App Settings Location window.

• Shift the option Slider to ON.
Finally, we will allow access to Google Apps place after these steps.

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