How to Use YouTube or Facebook for uploading iTunes Videos?

Through their phones including iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple launched iTunes. It functions like Media player, Software for Phone Management and Library. To play and download audio and video media files, we can use iTunes. There is also an iTunes store for Apple devices. When we download some clip from iTunes and want others to like it, we will upload it to Facebook or YouTube. Such social media sites are the best video sharing tool. The iTunes format is DRM-protected M4U, but unfortunately, both YouTube and Facebook do not support this format, so we can convert and upload that specific folder.

We’ll be able to upload iTunes videos on YouTube and Facebook after reading this article. To do this, we will take some steps that are as follows.

Upload iTunes Videos on YouTube or Facebook:

  • Open the catalog of iTunes Films. Tap the Add Movies button on the left. Then there will be a list of films. Tap any video we’d like to upload and tap OK.

  • We will select the format that supports Facebook and YouTube in the next step. Click the Profile Settings button and pick Web Video from the Pop-up window. Then press Drop Profile list and choose YouTube H264 HD Video or Facebook H264 Video option for our iTunes M4V videos.

  • Now we need to change expectations and parameters. Click on the Profile Settings dialog box Size option. A list will appear, pick 320 built-in 240.

  • We need to pick the video size that we are uploading. To convert the videos we need, click the time setting box and then select Custom option, enter the start and end time.

  • Converting iTunes M4V to YouTube or Twitter is now time. Click the Convert button. To start converting iTunes to YouTube or Facebook, we should open the conversion box.

  • Login now to our YouTube account and click the Upload button. To upload the red arrow, click the Select file and select the converted H264 HD video from YouTube. Input the video title, description, and other details.

  • We’ll share this video on Facebook as well. Log in to our Facebook first and go to the Add Photos / Videos feature. This chooses the video we want to post.

  • The selected videos will also be shared on our Facebook account.

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